A Special Service for Remembering the Departed

A Special Service for Remembering the Departed

The pain of separation from those who have died lasts many years. It is often a pain that is very personal, and which we cannot easily share. We would like to invite you to the above service in the hope that, by joining together with others who have lost loved ones, you may know that you are not alone in your grief and that you will receive some comfort.

On Sunday 4th November at 4pm we will be holding a service at St Andrew's Church in Heddington to pause and remember those who have died.

In the service, during a time of special prayer, we will mention by name all those whose funerals have been conducted by the Clergy in the Oldbury Benefice during the last 2 years, together with any other names given in before the service begins. Later in the service, everyone present will be invited to light a candle in memory of their loved ones and leave it burning on the altar as a visible sign of remembrance. .

We hope that the service will be a fitting tribute to those we love but see no longer, and we very much hope you will be able to come, bringing any friends and relatives you wish to support you .



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